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The NHS is the UK’s largest employer. Whether you work for the NHS as a doctor, nurse, porter, or administrator, getting a mortgage can be straightforward, and you might even be able to borrow more or qualify for exclusive rates because of your occupation.

Are there special mortgages for NHS employees?

There isn’t a specific product called an ‘NHS mortgage’. Instead, the term refers to potential discounts or increased borrowing that might be available to NHS staff.

Some lenders may occasionally offer mortgage products that are only available to NHS employees. They may be reserved for those in certain professions, e.g. doctors, rather than being available to anyone who works for the NHS.

As an NHS employee, you will also be able to apply for standard mortgages across a range of lenders. Working for the NHS is generally viewed favourably by lenders because of the organisation’s job security and reputation. This can positively impact your mortgage application.

Some lenders are better suited than others to helping NHS workers, especially if your payslips are varied or complex. Lenders can take up to 100% of changeable income in addition to your basic salary, such as:

  • overtime
  • shift allowance
  • bank work (twelve-month history usually required)

This can boost your affordability and help you borrow more.

Some NHS employees might also take priority under special home-buying schemes such as First Homes, but this isn’t guaranteed.

Who is eligible for an NHS mortgage?

If a lender offers incentives or discounts for NHS staff, you may find that the eligibility criteria will depend on your role within the health service. Typically, to qualify, you’ll need to be considered ‘clinical staff’ (for example, doctors, nurses, midwives, etc) on a permanent contract in one of the following areas:

  • A GP surgery
  • NHS Direct
  • Ambulance Trust
  • Primary Care Trusts
  • NHS Dental Practices
  • National Blood Transfusion Service
  • Health Protection Agency
  • Mental Healthcare and Social Care Trusts
  • Other NHS Trusts

Non-clinical staff working in hospitals or GP/dental practices (such as admin staff, cleaners, or porters) may also be eligible for deals. However, each lender will use their discretion when offering a discount to NHS staff.

Getting a mortgage as a newly qualified NHS professional

If permanently employed, newly qualified NHS professionals such as doctors and dentists may be able to borrow more via special products.

Some lenders offer these as they expect your pay will increase quickly and significantly with experience.

Lenders usually reserve these products for certain professions, which typically include doctors, dentists, and pharmacists. They will also specify how recently you need to have completed your training, and you may have to provide a copy of your certification of full qualification as evidence. The lender could also specify how much you need to be earning as a minimum in order to be eligible for the products.

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